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Xtreme Radiator Kits

Xtreme Radiator Kits

Xtreme Products designed these radiator kits with you in mind. Here are a few things Xtreme did, and others did not, that sets them apart.

1. If the bike comes with an oil cooler we moved it up top also. Remember the oil cooler is as important, probably more so, as the radiator. The radiator cools the cylinder walls and the head, that's all. Oil cools the crank, connecting rod, piston and clutch (for those equipped with a wet clutch), plus aids in cooling the cylinder walls. The hotter the oil the more likely it is to break down. Moving the oil cooler and keeping it clean in major. Most good mechanics will tell you the oil is 40% of the cooling process. Some will go as high as 60%. Moving the oil cooler only makes good sense.

2. We move the overflow bottles if at all possible so you can monitor the fluid level and keep it maintained with a minimum of hassle.

3. Lets say you like the "submarine holes", ever tried to wash the mud out of your radiator? If so you know some relocation kits do not incorporate a removable "face cover" ours does. Other manufactures have the "face cover" or the part covering the fins of the radiator built into their relocation mount and it is not removable. Our front cover is held in place by plastic push pins just like the OEMs use on their plastic body parts. Removing the front "face cover" allows you to flush and wash the system with a minimum of effort. When the unit is clean simply replace the cover. Remember when you are looking for a relocation kit, even with the relocation kit it will still be necessary to wash and clean the radiator. We offer these covers in several styles, the standard being the "flamed Xtreme Logo". We offer covers for the Arctic Cat, Yamaha Big Bear, we even have one for the Honda. We are working on more all the time. These are just something to help set your bike apart.

4. All of our parts are powder coated with a "silver vein" coating to add to the life of the kit. Mounting brackets are made of 10gauge steel and the covers are .0625 gauge. The hardware kit includes new hoses or hose extensions to reconnect the radiators (also for oil coolers if applicable), hose clamps, hose barbs when you are extending a hose, U-bolts, bolts and nuts plus wire connectors and wire to relocate the fan.

NOTE: Remember even with a Radiator Relocation System it is important that you check your radiator often and keep it clean. This is why Xtreme Products made these relocation systems user friendly, so you can keep it clean with less hassle.