STI Roctane XD ATV Tires

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Roctane XD features 8 ply radial construction, tough sidewall and super deep rim guards

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Roctane is the latest addition to STI atv tires.

  • 8 ply radial carcass capable of handling thelargest UTV applications features heavierdenier nylon cord that maximizes toughnesswhile retaining flexibility.
  • Innovative non-directional tread blocksand wide profile radial carcass provides theultimate combination of ride comfort andcontrol.
  • RocWall sidewall construction featuresreinforced lower sidewalls for add stabilityand extra wide tread belts for added shoulderprotection.
  • Super deep RocGuard rim guards protectseven the thickest wheel lips from traildamage.
  • Specially formulated tread compounddesigned to grip the slickest rocks whileoffering high mileage use.
SIZE Ply Tread Depth Max Load Capacity* Weight Part #
25-8R-12 8 .80" 696lbs 23lbs 001-1101
25-10R-12 8 .80" 855lbs 25lbs 001-1102
26-9R-12 8 .80" 828lbs 26.6lbs 001-1103
26-11R-12 8 .80" 996lbs 29.4lbs 001-1104
26-9R-14 8 .80" 801lbs 28.1lbs 001-1121
26-11R-14 8 .80" 966lbs 30.3lbs 001-1122
27-9R-14 8 .80" 849lbs 28lbs 001-1123
27-11R-14 8 .80" 1041lbs 29lbs 001-1124
28-10R-14 8 .80" 1002lbs 31.5lbs 001-1125
30-10R-14 8 .80" 1134lbs 37lbs 001-1127
32-10R-14 8 1.00" 1293lbs 41lbs 001-1129

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