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High Lifter Outlaw 3 Mud Tires

High Lifter Outlaw 3 Mud Tires

High Lifter Outlaw 3 Mud Tires
Price: 160.95

Manufacturer: High Lifter
Code: highlifter-outlaw-3-tire

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  • Description

Outlaw 3 mud tire is designed to get through the toughest mud holes imaginable!

  • unrivaled design offers extreme grip and self-cleaning treads.
  • outlaw 3 is the perfect combination of an Ag tire and an Outlaw mud tire.
  • Flatter profile that gets all of the tread to the surface for a smoother ride, better handling as well delivering more traction off-road. Also promotes even wear and longer tread life.
  • Proven tractor tread lug design, but with steep leading-edge lugs that pull and dig more aggressively than standard tractor style lugs for improved pulling performance.
  • Side wall wrap that allows for pulling in the mud on both side of the tire as well as the flat center of the tire.
  • Outlaw 3 can run larger wheels and has High Lifter's well known Outlaw look plus durability.
  • True height measurement.

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