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Gladiator Xcomp M/T 10 Ply Tires

Gladiator Xcomp M/T 10 Ply Tires

*** Enthusiast Approved, Race Proven! ***

Gladiator Xcomp M/T 10 Ply Tires
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Manufacturer: Gladiator
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Tire Size :

  • Description

X Comp M/T Tire Tread and Sidewall Design:

  • Aggressive is an understatement. This tire is a beast!
  • Maximum traction and grip on the shoulder area of the tire when it's needed the most.
  • Self cleaning tread and shoulder area, to prevent mud, rock and snow build up.
  • Covered by U.S. Patent No: D808,895 S
  • M & S Rated.

Tire Construction Advantages:
  • Tire casing has three full plys of polyester with a high turn up on the side wall.
  • This gives the tire excellent strength and durability.
  • Tread area has two full steel belts and two full nylon belts.
  • Result is a very stable tread and shoulder area for aggressive and proven performance.
  • Tire is strong, stable, durable and surprisingly quiet.

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