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*** Storm Series 8 spoke wheel is built with Rock Armor technology to tackle any terrain ***

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ITP Cyclone wheel comes standard in a matte black with machined face finish and a full set of red, white and blue color inserts.


  • ITP Cyclone wheel strength comes from its center. The latest Storm Series 8 spoke wheel from ITP is built with Rock Armor technology to tackle any terrain and color accents to unleash design possibilities.
  • Riders now have the opportunity to apply colors to their own vehicle right at home.
  • Wheel inserts are easy to install and they display an attractive look to each wheel. Not only does the Cyclone offer color modification, but it allows the rider to flip the direction of the insert, providing the ability to create a left hand and right hand specific rolling direction.
  • Cyclone wheel adheres to the Storm Series standards of exceptional strength and durability.
  • The applied color inserts can be a single color to coordinate with vehicle colors, or can be a mix and match insert for a unique color combination.
  • 1000 lbs load rating.
  • ITP Exclusive ROCK ARMOR inner lip.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Size Bolt Pattern Offset Finish Part#
14x7 4/110 5+2 Matte Black/Machined 1422304727B
14x7 4/137 5+2 Matte Black/Machined 1422305727B
14x7 4/156 5+2 Matte Black/Machined 1422306727B
15x7 4/110 5+2 Matte Black/Machined 1522307727B
15x7 4/137 5+2 Matte Black/Machined 1522308727B
15x7 4/156 5+2 Matte Black/Machined 1522309727B

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