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ATV Wheels

ATV Wheels

Now offering best prices on all ATV wheels. Huge selection from all major brands including ITP, KMC, STI and Motosport Alloys for utv, atv and sport applications. All bolt patterns and offsets available for Arctic Cat, Can Am, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Select the atv wheel you want, provide your atv information and leave the rest to us. Guaranteed to fit your atv's bolt pattern.

How to read wheel sizing

For example a wheel size is 12x7
  • First number 12 in the wheel size is the diameter of the wheel in inches or the inner diameter of the tire. In this case any tire size that ends with a 12 will fit this wheel.
  • Second number is 7 and that represents the width of the wheel in inches.

    How to read wheel offset

    For example a wheel offset is 5+2
  • First number in the offset is back spacing meaning 5" on the inside in this example.
  • Second number that comes after the + sign is the front spacing meaning 2" on the out side.

    Back spacing + Front spacing = Total width of the wheel

    How to measure bolt patterns

    For example a wheel's bolt pattern is 4/110
  • 4 represents the number of holes in the wheel.
  • 110 is the distance across bolt holes measured in millimeters. Following explains how to measure the different bolt patterns.

    Diameter of virtual circle passing through center of all three bolt holes.
    Middle of two holes directly across from one another.
    Back of one hole to the center of the second hole.
    It will be 3/90 bolt pattern when measurement A is 90mm.
    4/110 bolt pattern, when indicated measurement is 110mm.
    5/110 bolt pattern if indicated measurement above is 110mm.