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Yamaha Viking 700, Wolverine CV Axles

Yamaha Viking 700, Wolverine CV Axles

Yamaha Viking 700, Wolverine CV Axles
Price: 179.95

Manufacturer: High Lifter
Code: yamaha-viking-axle-HLA-Y7V

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Axle :

  • Description

Fits: Yamaha Viking 700 (EFI, EFI SE, EPS, EPS SE, EPS Ranch, VI, VI EPS, VI EPS SE, VI Ranch All Models) (14-19) & Yamaha Wolverine (R-Spec, EPS, R-Spec EPS, R-Spec EPS SE All Models) (16-18).

High Lifter CV Axles are the right choice for a tough affordable axle. They are a double plunging axles up to 40 degrees and are made with chromoly steel. They also come with a limited one year warranty.

High Lifter CV Axles Features:

  • High Lifter CV Axles are built tough to handle any terrain.
  • Made with Chromoly Steel.
  • They have a 20% increase in axle diameter and a 15% increase in CV Joint size.
  • Axles are double plunging with a high angle up to 40 degrees.
  • The internal CV Joint components are precision machined and have induction heat treated bearing, CV cage and races to reduce friction and increase CV joint strength and durability.
  • High Lifter uses Molybdenum Grease and durable TPEE CV Joint Boots resistant to tearing and abrasion. TPEE provides outstanding strength, stiffness and overall durability.

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