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GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires

GBC Kanati now features 27", 28" and 30" tires specially designed for utv and side by side models.

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Manufacturer: GBC
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Size : 26-10-12 DOT Approved - ($134.00)

27-9-12 DOT Approved - ($129.95)

27-11-12 DOT Approved - ($142.95)

27-9-14 DOT Approved - ($129.00)

27-11-14 DOT Approved - ($138.00)

28-10-14 DOT Approved - ($143.00)

30-10-14 DOT Approved - ($155.00)

28-10-15 DOT Approved - ($149.00)

30-10-15 DOT Approved - ($158.00)

26-10-12 (2 Fronts) - 26-10-12 (2 Rears) - ($530.00)

27-9-12 (2 Fronts) - 27-11-12 (2 Rears) - ($545.00)

27-9-14 (2 Fronts) - 27-11-14 (2 Rears) - ($534.00)

27-11-14 (2 Fronts) - 27-11-14 (2 Rears) - ($550.00)

28-10-14 (2 Fronts) - 28-10-14 (2 Rears) - ($570.00)

30-10-14 (2 Fronts) - 30-10-14 (2 Rears) - ($620.00)

28-10-15 (2 Fronts) - 28-10-15 (2 Rears) - ($595.00)

30-10-15 (2 Fronts) - 30-10-15 (2 Rears) - ($632.00)

  • Description

GBC Kanati Mongrel is the first true all-purpose DOT tire built specifically for Side-by-Side UTVs.

  • 8 and 10 ply tread is optimized for peak performance on multiple surfaces.
  • Kanati Mongrel can handle a variety of off-road terrain while remaining equally safe and suitable for paved surfaces.
  • DOT approved radial also boasts an impressive 1,000 lb. load rating and an equally impressive 87 MPH "N" speed rating.

Customer Reviews:

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires Average Rating: 5 Star   

4.8 out of 5
based on 13 customer reviews.

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires 5

Kanati Mongrel Tires

5 Star
I was looking for a DOT approved tire for my atv. The Kanati Mongrel was my first choice because of previous experience. So for they have met my expectations. Only about 600 miles but so far so good.

Review posted by Bruce Fuller from Meridian, ID on

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires 5

Satisfied Customer

5 Star
Thank you for the quick and easy transaction. The tires arrived quickly.

Review posted by John from Seymour, TN on

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires 5

Very nice fit

5 Star
I like the look and it's just as tall as the stock 27 inch.

Review posted by Steven Hopkins from Salem, OR on

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires 5

GBC tires

5 Star
This was my first purchase from this company great price very fast delivery less than 48 hrs they have a customer for life. Thanks Moto x

Review posted by Joel Glentz from Corona, CA on

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires 5

Mongrel tires

5 Star
I was looking for new desert tires for my RZR4. I was running stock 26x9-12 and 26x12-12 Bighorns. I wanted to go taller, width needed to be close. The Mongrels were the perfect mix of tire I wanted (DOT & desert). All the reviews were saying the 27's were short. On the stock rims at 20 psi, they are 27". I am very satisfied with them. The price and fast standard shipping from Motoxmall was great. I recommended them to a neighbor and he too received them fast. I recommend Motoxmall to anyone.

Review posted by Verlyn Wilson from Tucson, AZ on

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires 4

Kanati Mongrel tires

4 Star
Purchased 3 sets of these tires. So far they have been very good in hard pack conditions. Bought 28-10-14 set and 2 sets of 27-9-12 and 27-11-12. Only complaint so far is the size. Not quite true to the height, only reason at this time to give 4 stars. Service and price from motoxmall was excellent.

Review posted by Craig Bauer from Peoria, AZ on

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires 5

Perfect tires for my Wild Cat 1000

5 Star
Have used em for 4 different rides so far so my experience isn't 100% reliable. Had em for about 3 months. I don't wanna knock on wood here but these tires are incredible. Replaced my stock 4 ply in my wild cat 4 seater 1000 with 30". Can't give enough words of how perfect these tires are for my cat. My wildcat 1000 is street legal and these tires work good on the road don't seem to wear down. And going from 26 inch to 30 inch is the best thing I ever did. It's like a Baja race machine now.

Review posted by Josh W from Las Vegas, NV on

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires 5

GBC Kanati Mongrel

5 Star
Great price and shipping speed. I will definitely purchase from again!!!

Review posted by Dusty Cotten from Thorsby, AL on

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires 5

Awesome !

5 Star
Exactly what I ordered, shipping was awesome! This was my first order will definitely come back and tell others.

Review posted by Robert Sepic from Las Vegas, NV on

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires 4

Good all around tire

4 Star
Really good all around tire. This is not designed as a deep mud tire so don't think it will work for that but it does clean well. Unfortunately it does run small for its size. My stock 26 inch tires are taller than these in 27 inch. Four stars since they run small.

Review posted by Mike Miller from Mount Vernon, IN on

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires 5

Very cool tires

5 Star
I bought these tires from MotoMall and I am extremely satisfied with the product and the customer service. I haven't used the tires much yet but they have enough meat on them to prevent rocks and sticks from gouging huge holes in them. The stock tires can't hold up to all the rocks and sticks that grind over.

Review posted by Alan Wilson from Boise, ID on

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires 5

Outstanding Tires

5 Star
I finally broke down and decided to try these tires on my Maverick paired with the STI Bead locks. These tires are amazing! They soak up the rough terrain and handle wonderful. I am looking forward to racing with these. I purchased the 28 inch which seem to pair nicely on my Maverick.

Review posted by Dennis P from Granada Hills, CA on

GBC Kanati Mongrel DOT Tires 5

So Far So Good

5 Star
I installed the 28x10x14 tires on a 2013 Wildcat Ltd. to replace the stock tires that came on it. I have only gone for a few short rides but now I know how bad the stock tires were. Handling in all different terrains from hard pack to sand and rocks is so much better it is like having a different vehicle.

Review posted by James Taylor from Bagdad, AZ on

SIZE PLY Tread Depth Weight Part #
26-10-12 10 21/32" 27lbs MG122610
28-10-14 10 19/32" 28.5lbs MG142810
30-10-14 10 19/32" 32.7lbs MG143010
28-10-15 10 19/32" 29.5lbs MG152810
30-10-15 10 19/32" 33.8lbs MG153010

GBC Kanati Mongrel in Action!

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