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Kubota RTV1100 Lift Kit - Xtreme

Kubota RTV1100 Lift Kit - Xtreme

Kubota RTV1100 Lift Kit - Xtreme
Price: 133.95

Manufacturer: Xtreme
Code: XTK1100

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  • Description

  • Creates extra clearance for plus-size tire and wheel packages.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Includes all necessary hardware and detailed installation instructions.
  • Designed to work within stock axle tolerances to prevent the need of costly aftermarket axle replacement.
  • MAde from 3/16th steel plate.
  • Designed specifically for your application.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Make Model Year Part # Lift Footnote Front Footnote Rear
Kubota RTV1100 07-17 XTK1100 2" 1,8,10 11

  1. Relocates shocks at top
  2. Relocate shocks at bottom
  3. Uses poly spacer
  4. Uses bracket system
  5. Requires wheel spacers to run factory wheels
  6. Requires wheel spacers with 10 or wider tires on factory wheels
  7. Must have 12 wheels
  8. Uses strut guides
  9. Requires some cutting, grinding or drilling
  10. Uses steel spacers
  11. Uses shackles

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