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Dirtbike Chains

Dirtbike Chains

Chain and sprockets are the most vital part of your dirt bike after, maybe the engine itself. We now offer world renowned DID dirt bike chain sets diplaying a wide range of standard, O-ring and X-ring chains in black and metal finish. Dirt bike chains for your KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki dirtbikes available at cheap prices. Call us to find the right chain for your bike or select from the list below.
You have to take care of your dirt bike chain to make it last longer and perform better on track. For tips on how you can maintain your dirtbike chain, please browse to the bottom of this page.
We proudly offer world's No 1 DID motorcycle chains, widest variety available at great prices. DID dir bike chains are used in race events worldwide and are most sought by dirt bike and motoX bike manufacturers.
DID ER Series Racing Chain (Gold)

DID 520/530 ER Series X-Ring Racing Chain

DID Professional Non O-Ring black Chain

DID Professional O-Ring black Chain

DID 520/530VM/530ZVM Professional X-Ring Gold

DID 415 Standard Chain

DID 420 Standard Chain

DID 428 Standard Chain

DID 520 Standard Chain

DID 525 Standard Chain

DID 530 Standard Chain

DID 630 Standard Chain

DID 520 Atv X-Ring Chain

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Tips for maintaining Dirt Bike Chains The thrill of dirt riding literally depends on dirt bike chains. Although chains remain the only means of transferring power from the engine to the wheel to this day, modern technology has transformed them into the most reliable and long lasting part of a dirt bike. Still, present day dirt bike chains do require some care and regular maintenance to deliver max performance and have more life. You can maintain your dirt bike chain in immaculate condition by following some simple tips. • When cleaning your bike after a messy dirt ride, make sure not to spray water directly at the chain. The water may get trapped between the chain’s links causing corrosion and replacing grease or lubricant. • The right way to clean the chain is to use a wire or plastic brush to lightly scrub off mud after it has dried. However, if you have an O-Ring chain, do not use a brush. Just light wiping off with a rag is advised. • When moving the rear axle for adjusting the chain tension, make sure that the chain is running absolutely straight from the shaft to the rear sprocket. Consult the user’s manual of your dirt bike to find out the right chain slack. • You should lubricate your dirt bike chain frequently for its long life. Spray the inside of the chain lightly with the recommended lubricant at the front shaft sprocket while spinning the rear wheel. • Check the U-shaped master clip on your dirtbike chain frequently for damage, scratches, bend or wear. Get it replaced if its condition is not satisfactory. • Wearing on the inner or outer side of your chain sprockets teeth, or hook-shaped teeth indicate that the chain and sprockets need replacement.